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Beolab 8000 (Pre-Loved)

Beolab 8000 (Pre-Loved)

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Place it where you want

Thanks to the room-adaptation feature, BeoLab 8000 provides an optimal sound performance regardless of where the loudspeakers are placed in the room. Place the BeoLab 8000 near a wall, in a corner, or free standing in the room, the room-adaptation ensures the best possible sound performance in any given situation.

Prima ballerina assoluta

Placed on its cast-iron base the BeoLab 8000 stands poised; like a graceful ballerina balancing on her toes, the delicate look is combined with a robust construction and performance. The highly polished surface absorbs and reflects its surroundings making BeoLab 8000 the perfect exclamation mark in any interior.


Tight and powerful sound

A patented protection circuit (Adaptive Bass Linearisation) allows BeoLab 8000 to play deep bass at normal listening levels and even louder, if desired. If you could look inside the speaker case of a BeoLab 8000, you would see that it is filled with components, including two dedicated 125 watt ICEpower amplifiers. This ensures precision performance with an absolute minimum of distortion, and is your guarantee that you are getting an honest reproduction of the sound.


Sound excellence

It produces a satisfying sound you would not have thought possible from such a slender column. Strong enough to withstand the most powerful vibrations, the curved design also eliminates any sharp edges or joints that could compromise sound quality.

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