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Beovision Theatre 55" Gold Tone with Motorised Floor Stand (Ex-Demo) *Remote Sold Separately

Beovision Theatre 55" Gold Tone with Motorised Floor Stand (Ex-Demo) *Remote Sold Separately

Cinematic home theatre

A complete sound and vision setup crafted for immersive film experiences. With Dolby Atmos surround sound, a 4K OLED LG screen and upgradeable design, Beovision Theatre is here to transform your space.

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Immersive, Dolby Atmos-ready sound. Crystal-clear 4K screen. And your cables? Tucked away. Beovision Theatre is your complete cinematic experience.

Eye-drawing, on or off.

The keel-like frame with its soft curves, resting on an aluminium blade. Lamellas made from Scandinavian oak. Soft fabric. All crowned by an elegant screen, the size of which is up to you. Beovision Theatre makes a stage of any room.

Eyes front. Ears everywhere.

Beovision Theatre doesn't just lead from the front. Twelve custom drivers direct sound above, below and to the sides of your screen. Creating an expansive soundscape that immerses you in the moment. Dolby Atmos allows for true surround sound experiences, and a coaxial centre channel ensures crisp and clear speech. You won’t miss a word or whisper.

See the big picture in 4K OLED. How big? Up to you. Beovision Theatre comes with a 55”, 65” or even 77” screen for that truly cinematic experience. The adjustable wings create a perfectly streamlined silhouette for every set.

Customise Beovision Theatre

No clutter. No compromise.

No screen-blocking black boxes. No space-cluttering cables. Beovision Theatre brings effortless elegance to home cinema. Whether you mount it on the wall or let it rest on one of our stands, it sits gracefully. Changing seats? With a motorised wall mount or floor stand, Beovision Theatre automatically turns towards your favourite nook when you flick it on.

Beovision Theatre Evolves over time

Evolves over time

Beovision Theatre is made to move with the times, with advanced software that allows for future features. Time for a bigger screen? Simply slot a new one in. This modular approach means Beovision Theatre will continue to deliver a spine-tingling experience for years to come.

Beovision Theatre Timeless quality

Timeless quality

Made with materials as beautiful as they are durable, Beovision Theatre proves that good things do last. There's the timeless touch of aluminium, milled and shaped in our own Factory 5. There’s the swappable solid oak or fabric covers. This is style and longevity in unity.

Lights up when you're around

Step close to Beovision Theatre, and the minimal interface springs into life. Use the glass touch panel to explore your music, choose your presets or pair with a Bluetooth device. All this with just a touch.

The making of Beosound Theatre

Discover from the people who made the Beosound Theatre how it reinvents the home cinema experience – offering all the power, clarity and immersion of a multi-speaker setup, but from one single soundbar. We look behind the scenes to see how this beautifully crafted, revolutionary design was created.

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Run the show

Beovision Theatre is made to fit in seamlessly with your home. Colours, materials and position – they all adapt to your vision. Want to see it in your space? Our AR app lets you perfect your setup at home without ever leaving the couch.

Download the AR app

It’s your soundstage. Build it.

Connect multiple speakers with your Beovision Theatre to complete the Dolby Atmos experience. Add wireless speakers like Beolab 28 to the mix and older models through Powerlink for that all-encompassing cinematic experience.

Discover our speakers

Home Theatre Systems

The thrill of the perfect home theatre demands a sound experience to match. By adding our stunning speakers to a Beovision TV, you can fully immerse yourself in another world.

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Stream and connect

Screen off? Beovision Theatre still streams the music you love. Connect with other speakers around your home hassle-free – through Beolink, Chromecast, Spotify Connect or Airplay.

Connected speakers

Tech Specs


Recommended Room Size
10-60 m²
100-600 ft²

Speaker Configuration
12 speaker drivers
2 x 1" tweeter
4 x 2.5" full-range
2 x 3" mid-range
1 x 5.25" mid-range + 1 x 1" tweeter for custom-made coaxial center speaker
2 x 6.5" custom-made woofer

12 power amplifiers
10 x 60 watts amplifiers for center channel, left/right/upfiring/side firing outputs
2 x 100 watts amplifiers for bass outputs

Total: 800 W

Frequency Range
28Hz - 23,000 Hz

Advanced Sound Features
Integrated 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos decoding and custom-tuned post-processing with proprietary True Image up- / downmixing algorithm.
Advanced Bass management system
Adaptive Bass Linearization
Thermal protection

Automated speaker setup with external microphone:
Speaker level and distance
Speaker role
Speaker position compensation from 30 – 10,000Hz
Room resonance compensation from 30 – 200Hz

Sound Format HDMI
Dolby Atmos supporting:
Dolby Digital TrueHD
Dolby Digital plus 7.1 (including DD5.1)
Dolby Atmos, Dolby MAT

PCM 7.1 multichannel


Customizable Sound EQ
Presets available and fully customizable through the Bang & Olufsen App.


Display Type & Resolution
3840 x 2160, over 8M pixels

HDR 10
HDR 10 Pro
Dolby Vision IQ

< 1 ms response time
Input lag 12.8 ms
G-sync and FreeSync™ compatible

4K and 2K HFR
HGiG mode

Smart TV


Noto GmbH

Wood / Fabric

Placement options:
Motorised Floor Stand +/- 35° rotation
Motorised Wall Bracket left or right hinged with 60° max opening (55" or 65" screen)
Table stand

Dimensions (cm):
Table Stand (free Stand/close to wall): 122.2 W x 35.9/26.5 D x 91.9 H cm
Motorised Wall Bracket: 122.2 W x 19.2 D x 95.9 H cm
Motorised Floor Stand: 122.2 W x 52.8 D x 118.9 H cm

Table Stand (free Stand/close to wall): 144.1 W x 35.9/26.5 D x 104.3 H cm
Motorised Wall Bracket: 144.1 W x 19.2 D x 108.3 H cm
Motorised Floor Stand: 144.1 W x 52.8 D x 131.3 H cm

Table Stand (free Stand/close to wall): 171.2 W x 35.9/26.5 D x 120.5 H cm
Motorised Floor Stand: 171.2 W x 52.8 D x 147.4 H cm
*TV screen height and width may vary depending on TV model

Table Stand incl. LG G3 TV: 49 kg
Motorised Wall Bracket incl. LG G3 TV: 62 kg
Motorised Floor Stand incl. LG G3 TV: 69 kg

Table Stand incl. LG G3 TV: 53 kg
Motorised Wall Bracket incl. LG G3 TV: 68 kg
Motorised Floor Stand incl. LG G3 TV: 73 kg

Table Stand incl. LG G3 TV: 66 kg
Motorised Floor Stand incl. LG G3 TV: 87 kg


Power Consumption
Typical: 120 W (Soundbar)

100-240V 50/60Hz mains cable

Energy Efficiency Class


Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth 5.1 (BLE and EDR)

Bluetooth Codecs:
Android: SBC

Dual-Band Wi-Fi 5 (2.4 & 5 GHz)
IEEE 802.11 b/g/a/n/ac

Streaming services:
Apple AirPlay
Spotify Connect
Chromecast built-in
TIDAL Connect
B&O Radio
QPlay 2.0

Beolink Multiroom

Additional surround sound speaker connection:
Yes (8 wired & 8 wireless)

Physical Connections:
Soundbar inputs:
3 x HDMI input with CEC input
1 x HDMI eARC with passthrough 4K 120FPS / 8K 60FPS / 40Gbit
4 x 1Gbit Ethernet (One port assigned for LG OLED TV connection for integrated control via Beoremote One and Bang & Olufsen App)
1 x 3.5mm jack
1 x USB-C

Soundbar outputs:
8 x Wireless Powerlink
8 x Powerlink

Remote controls:
Integrated system control, including LG OLED TV:
Bang & Olufsen App
Beoremote One BT
Beoremote Halo

On-Device Controls:

Peripheral Unit Control:
Integrated Peripheral Unit/Set-top Box Controller for two units, allowing you to control set-top boxes with the Bang & Olufsen remote control.