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Bang & Olufsen

Beovision Harmony

Beovision Harmony

Watch the magic unfold

Designed for the ultimate cinematic and immersive audio visual experience. The new Beovision Harmony 88" features the latest 8K OLED screen technology and the 65", 77" and 97" support 4K resolution.

Please contact us for colour, cover, stand ,and/or bespoke options.

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Screen Size
Aluminium and Cover Colour
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Showtime magic

Enthralling sound

Mesmerising visuals

Unfolding design

Why let a blank screen rule your space, when you can have a piece of art? Sculpted from wood or fabric and aluminium, Harmony catches the eye and invites conversation even in standby mode. And when you're ready to watch, it puts on a show. The powerful speakers glide apart, the television floats into the space. A performance that takes movie moments to new heights.

Options, amplified.

Beovision Harmony A show of true colours

A show of true colours

Dolby Vision IQ fills your screen with unsurpassed detail and intensely rich colours, while the latest OLED technology creates absolute black for powerful contrasts. Together, they make the scene deeper, and the moment fuller.

Beovision Harmony A resolution revolution

A resolution revolution

Enjoy eye-popping colour and fidelity as 33 million OLED pixels deliver 8k resolution across Harmony's 88" and 77" screens. Got a lower resolution source? AI deep learning automatically scales any resolution up to 8k, so even the classics stay crisp.

Beovision Harmony The size is right

The size is right

With 65", 77", 83", 88" or 97" to choose from, your cinematic sculpture will be at home in any room. Enjoy unmatched richness of sound with outstanding resolution – at any scale.

Sound that soars

Absolute clarity of speech. Full-bodied, detailed stereo. With this three-channel powerhouse, the sound of cinema has never felt closer. Want to experience even deeper immersion? With the built-in intelligent surround sound processer, Harmony works seamlessly with Beolab speakers to boost the bass, amplify the accuracy and totally submerge you in sound.

Beolab 28

Want even more immersion? Add two Beolab 28's to Harmony for bigger bass, sharper stereo and an added touch of beauty.

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As you see fit

Make Harmony your own with a range of materials and finishes that cater to any taste, and any room. Need help picturing it? Our visualiser makes things simple. Select your style, and watch it come alive.

Material benefits

Luxury woods. Textured fabrics. Aluminium detailling. All brought together to chime with your screen. From light oak to grey mélange, choose what resonates with you – and let your beautifully covered speakers reveal spellbinding sound.

Choreographed movement

Shades of oak

bronze tone aluminium

Logo Detailling

Crafted for control

Seamless integration with other devices and home control systems make Harmony your entertainment centrepiece. Stream music from your mobile, save your favourite channels and sources, and control all connected devices with a single remote. Cutting-edge tech, simple to use. It's Bang & Olufsen magic at your fingertips.

Beoremote One

Crafted with an ease-of-use philosophy, the sleek Beoremote One means your favourite content is always at hand. Enter the experience with just one tap.

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Home Theatre Systems

The thrill of the perfect home theatre demands a sound experience to match. By adding our stunning speakers to a Beovision TV, you can fully immerse yourself in another world.

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Tech Specs


Recommended Room Size
10-60 m²
100-600 ft²

Speaker Configuration
1 x 1” tweeter
2 x 2.5” fullrange drivers
1 x 4” midrange/woofer
2 x 4” woofers

1 x 50 W class D for tweeter
3 x 100 W class D for mid-range/woofer
2 x 50 W class D for full-range
Total: 450 W

Frequency Range
29Hz - 22,000 Hz

Advanced Sound Features
Integrated 7.1 surround sound module with proprietary True Image up-/ downmixing algorithm.
Adaptive Bass Linearization
Thermal Protection


Sound format HDMI A-D
Dolby Digital plus 7.1 (including DD5.1)
DTS HD-Master Audio 7.1

PCM 7.1 multichannel

Customizable Sound EQ
Presets available and fully customisable through the Bang & Olufsen App


Available Screen Sizes

Display Type & Resolution
65", 77", 83" and 97"
3840 x 2160, over 8M pixels

77" and 88"
7680 x 4320, over 33M pixels

HDR 10
HDR 10 Pro
Dolby Vision IQ

< 1 ms response time
Input lag 12,8 ms
G-sync and FreeSync™ compatible

4k and 2K HFR
HGiG mode

Smart TV


Torsten Valeur
Valeur Designers

Wood / Fabric

Placement options
Motorised floor stand - rotation degrees depending on screen size
Floor stand
Wall bracket (65", 77" and 83")

Dimensions (cm)
Floor Stand: 144.9 W x 99.1 H x 34 D cm (closed) / 144.9 W x 142.3 H x 34 D cm (open)
Motorised Floor Stand: 144.9 W x 101.4 H x 49.8 D cm (closed) / 144.9 W x 144.5 H x 49.8 D cm (open)
Wall Bracket: 144.9 W x 98.1 H x 25.5 D cm (closed) / 144.9 W x 141.3 H x 25.5 D cm (open)

Floor Stand: 172.2 W x 115 H x 34 D cm (closed) / 172.2 W x 158.2 H x 34 D cm (open)
Motorised Floor Stand: 172.2 W x 117.3 H x 49.8 D cm (closed) / 172.2 W x 158.2 H x 49.8 D cm (open)
Wall Bracket: 172.2 W x 114 H x 25 D cm (closed) / 172.2 W x 157.2 H x 25 D cm (open)

Floor Stand: 184.7 W x 121.8 H x 34 Dcm (closed) / 184.7 W x 165 H x 34 D cm (open)
Motorised Floor Stand: 184.7 x 124 H x 49.8D cm (closed) / 184.7 x 166.2 H x 49.8 D cm (open)
Wall Bracket: 184.7 W x 121.8 H x 25.5 D cm (closed) / 184.7 W x 164 H x 25.5 D cm (open)

Floor Stand: 196 W x 128 H x 34 D cm (closed) / 196 W x 171.1 H x 34 D cm (open)
Motorised Floor Stand: 196 W x 130.2 H x 49.8 D cm (closed) / 196 W x 173.3 H x 49.8 D cm (open)

Floor Stand: 215.5 W x 139 H x 34 D cm (closed) / 215.5 W x 182.1H x 34 D cm (open)
Motorised Floor Stand: 215.5 W x 141.2 H x 49.8 D cm (closed) / 215.5 W x 184.3 H x 49.8 D cm (open)

Bang & Olufsen Sound center: 71.8 kg
LG 65” G model OLED TV: 22.8 kg
Motorised floor stand: 20.7 kg
Floor stand: 10 kg
Wall bracket: 2 kg

Bang & Olufsen Sound center: 75.3 kg
LG 77” G model OLED TV: 35.1 kg
Motorised floor stand: 20.7 kg
Floor stand: 10 kg
Wall bracket: 2 kg

Bang & Olufsen Sound center: 76.4 kg
LG 83” G model OLED TV: 40.9 kg
Motorised floor stand: 20.7 kg
Floor stand: 10 kg
Wall bracket: 2 kg

Bang & Olufsen Sound center: 90.7 kg
LG 88” Z model OLED TV: 54.9 kg
Motorised floor stand: 20.7 kg
Floor stand: 10 kg

Bang & Olufsen Sound center: 83.1 kg
LG 97” G model OLED TV: 57.0 kg
Motorised floor stand: 20.7 kg
Floor stand: 10 kg


Power Consumption
Typical: 80 W (Soundcenter)

Mains Voltage Range
100~240 Vac 50-60Hz

Energy Efficiency Class


Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth Codecs
Android: SBC

Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5 GHz)
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac

Streaming services
Apple AirPlay
Spotify Connect
Chromecast built-in
B&O Radio
QPlay 2.0

Beolink Multiroom

Additional surround sound speaker connection
Yes (8 wired & 8 wireless)

Physical Connections
4 x HDMI (2.0)
1 x Ethernet 10/100Mb
1 x Analogue line in (3.5 mm mini jack)
1 x Optical in

TV screen:
4 x HDMI (2.1)
3 x USB
1 x Ethernet 10/100Mb

Speaker outputs:
8 x Wireless Powerlink
8 x Powerlink

Remote controls
Bang & Olufsen App
Beoremote One BT
Beoremote Halo

Peripheral Unit Control
Integrated Peripheral Unit/Set-top Box Controller controlling six units, allowing you to control set-top boxes with the Bang & Olufsen remote control